Don’t Rain On My Parade

I’m falling in love with the color pink. It’s so hopeful and inspiring. I mean…I have no money, no job, and sometimes my family makes me want to run away but I have plenty of things to love about my life. I love to cook and I love that I can actually decide to do something and have it come out well. I love when my son is being cute and I love love to laugh. Yes, laughing earned two loves. I am holding out hope for the next few months to go well. Life must get better cause if it didn’t we’d all kill ourselves.

I’m thinking biscuits and gravy in the morning. Homemade biscuits. It’s my first time attempting them. I’m super excited.


I am the ga joob

I had a moment with Nicholai tonight which made me so happy. I was playing Beatles Rock Band and he was really getting into the music with me. It was so much fun! It makes me happy that he likes Beatles music. He’s going to grow up to love music I think. He already has several favorites and I love to play music for him whenever I can. It’s bonding moments like tonights that make me so happy to be a mom. I am looking forward to having many more of those moments as he gets older.

I wrote the above a few days ago. It still makes me smile so I’m just going to post it and make a new post for today.

Funky Monkey’s Dancing

Well, I’m not sure how I should start this blog out. The main thing I wanted to talk about today is Omelets but it strikes me that I should let you know who I am. My name is Sarah Schaefer. I am from a small town in Indiana. I am married and I have one son who is 19 months. My main hobby right now is cooking. More specifically I am obsessed with completing a perfect breakfast. I have been baking a lot too cause that is a skill I’m still lacking in. I’ve had some good results with the stuff I’ve made recently.  Anyway, that’s really what I’m about mostly. I am a total food geek and probably when I feel like blogging it will be about that but this is not a food blog. I tried that before and I didn’t like the experience.  I just want a place I can geek out in peace.

Now that you have the 411 on me let’s talk about omelets. I made one based off of a video I watched on youtube of Julia Child. The parts that were completely cooked were heavenly but once you got to the center it was a little runny which I’m still not sure if that’s normal or not. I think when Brant gets out of bed I am going to try and make him one and see if that’s any better. What I would like to make is an omelet with some fresh veggies in it. I want to get the classic omelet down first before I start experimenting. Speaking of eggs I must say I make a mean egg in a basket. I personally won’t eat them cause I don’t like runny egg of any sort but everyone else loves them so I must be doing something right.  I think it’s all the butter it takes for them.

Now that I have geeked out about omelets I think I’m going to say goodbye. I am going to attempt homemade ice cream sandwiches either today or Sunday. I’ll update about how they turn out. Hopefully I will succeed.


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